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Dr. Tom Reed was born in Chicago Jan 2, 1926 to Florence and Kenneth Reed. In 1939 his parents moved to Glencoe, a suburb, for better schools and Tom attended New Trier High school starting in 1939. In 1943 he left high school early to attend Northwestern University before he joined the U. S. Air Force as a cadet in 1944.

After discharge in 1945 he graduated from Northwestern with a BS in Physical Chemistry in 1947. He married Vivian Odh the same week and they left for Texas to work for the new Shell Oil Exploration Lab in Houston setting up the instrumentation lab. This work convinced him there was a lot more to learn and he returned to the University of Minnesota to get a degree in Physical Chemistry, specializing in crystallography in 1953.

Tom went then to the Linde division of Union Carbide and worked in the areas of crystals and high temperature processes and chemistry, a great "post doc" learning experience. In 1960 he took this expertise to MIT (Lincoln Laboratory) where he was in charge of new crystal growth for 18 years.

In 1974 Tom became concerned with the world's energy supply and wrote a seminal article on methanol as a fuel that appeared at the height of the "Energy Crisis" as the lead article in the journal Science. This article and subsequent events eventually changed his career from Material Science to Alternate Fuels.

After getting "cross threaded" with the MIT Energy Laboratory (whose policy was based only primarily on developing more fossil fuels), Tom left MIT in 1977 to join the newly formed Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) in Golden, CO. There he designed and built a high pressure oxygen gasifier for biomass which in 1987 was scaled to 75 tons/day (by Syn-Gas, Inc.). Unfortunately this was at the peak of the oil glut and the gasifier did not become commercial.

In 1985 Tom moved from SERI to the Colorado School of Mines to continue his biomass research there with more "elbow room". In 1994 he inherited the Biomass Energy Foundation which, along with his pensions, gives him more financial flexibility. He is now writing the "Survey of Biomass Gasification" for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL/SERI).

Tom Reed now lives in Golden with his wife, Vivian where they manage the BEF, the research and the grandchildren. He has four professional children and seven grandchildren. Other current interests as time permits include music (piano, flute and choir), history, bridge, tennis and racquetball (weekly).
Dr. Tom Reed's Research

Dr Tom Reed is a Physical Chemist (PhD, U. Minn.) and loves research, (as well as engineering, teaching, and inventing). He has a small laboratory where he can perform experiments on biomass pyrolysis, gasification and stoves.

See the Dr TLUD website at for history, publications and information regarding biomass gasification from small sacle to industrial syngas.

Dr. Tom Reed is a past moderator of the the Gasification discussion list and is a valuable treasure of knowledge in the thermochemical conversion of biomass to energy.

A Biomass Resume

In 1972 Tom Reed became concerned about the energy and fuel futures of the U.S. and began working on alternate fuels on the side while working at MIT in the field of solid state research. He was the first person to use alcohol blends during this period and when he wrote "Methanol - A Clean Fuel for the 21st century", for Science magazine, it changed his career. In this article he said that for the short term methanol would be made from natural gas, but in the long term biomass could supply our needs forever.

He continued to work on methanol and biomass at MIT until 1977, but MIT has many associations with large business that makes it an unlikely place for developing alternative energy sources. In 1977 Tom Reed moved to the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI, now NREL) in Golden, Colorado to work on alternate fuels from biomass. Much of his time was occupied in developing a high pressure, oxygen gasifier for making synthesis gas for methanol, but he also wrote several books on gasification and biomass. SERI started with high hopes for effective energy research, but during the Reagan - oil-glut years there was not much funding for such "nonsense".

In 1986 Tom Reed took a position as research professor at the Colorado School of Mines in the department of Chemical Engineering where he now pursues work on various aspects of biomass and gasification at his own pace and direction. In particular, he traveled to India for FAO in 1990 and evaluated conversion of agricultural wastes to fuels and in 1992 he traveled to China for the Rockefeller Foundation to evaluate two new gasifiers built there. In 1996 he travelled around the world, visiting various gasification sites, gathering information for the book "Survey of Biomass Gasification".

Tom Reed has recently become the president of the Biomass Energy Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to research, inventions and education in the field of biomass energy. The foundation operates a small Press which keeps important books in this field available.


Books and Book Chapters

"Free Energy of Formation of Binary Compounds" (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA 1972). Available from the Biomass Energy Foundation Press:

"Gengas: The Swedish Classic On Wood Fueled Vehicles", English translation, (SERI-1982), edited T.Reed, D. Jantzen and A. Das, with index. This is the "Old Testament" of gasification, written by the people involved in successfully converting 90% of transportation of WW II Sweden to wood gasifiers. Valuable practical and theoretical information.

"Fundamental Study and Scaleup of the Air-oxygen Stratified Downdraft Gasifier", T. Reed, M. Graboski and B. Levie (SERI1988).290pp.

"Biomass To Methanol Specialists' Workshop", Ed. T. B. Reed and M. Graboski. Expert articles on biomass to methanol, the clean liquid fuel for the 21st Century

"Biomass Gasification: Principles and Technology", Energy Technology Review No. 67, Noyes Data Corporation, Park Ridge, N.J., 1981. ISBN 0-8155-0852-2.

"Atlas of Thermal Properties of Biomass and Other Fuels," with S. Gaur in press.

"Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems", SERI, March 1985

"Generator Gas", T. B. Reed (Editor), TIPI Press, 1983

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Journal Articles and Speeches

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NOTE: As a practicing scientist I was asked to present a lot of papers. Often the papers were published 1-4 years later. Maybe I received a copy of the publication and maybe not. Many of the above references are not attached to the final publication, but the "?" could be filled in with some research.

Material Science Papers

54 papers in Material Science, written during the period 1952-1978 at Union Carbide and MIT, available on request .

Patents and Processes

2,874,265; Non-Transferred Arc Torch Process and Apparatus.

2,884,510: Constricted Arc Apparatus and Process.

2,898,441: Arc Torch Push Starting.

2,951,143: Arc Torch.

3,030,490: Multiple Purpose Arc Torch Apparatus.

3,077,108: Supersonic Hot Gas Stream Generating Apparatus and Method.

3,324,334: Induction Plasma Torch with Means for Recirculating the Plasma.

3,414,661: High Temperature Furnace.

3,625,660: Method and Structure for Growing Crystals.

3,626,154: Transparent Furnace.

4,168,013: High Temperature Insulating Container. (With W. King).

5,110,785: Composition of Matter and Method of Making.

Note: Note: Patents are only legal documents and do not necessarily indicate an important contribution. The following processes are now operating commercially using the above patents or modifications thereof:

Plasma Jet Cutting (>20 companies)

Plasma Acetylene Production

Induction Plasma Torch Processes and Production

Induction Plasma Spectral Analysis Equipment (Thousands)

Atmospheric High Temperature Furnace

Arc Furnace

Transparent Furnace (Trans Temp Corp., Boston.)

Sea Sweep, production of 300 tons, 1992-1997.