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February 2010

BTG BioLiquids is a pyrolysis technology provider. Our technology efficiently converts most types of non-food biomass into a second generation bio–oil within two seconds. Based on 15 years of developing, optimizing and scaling up our technology we deliver commercial scale pyrolysis plants to our customers today.

Our pyrolysis process converts up to 70 wt.% of the biomass feedstock into bio-oil and the remaining part into char and gas. Since 1993 BTG has played an active role in numerous projects on fast pyrolysis. BTG's unique and patented pyrolysis technology is characterised by an intense mixing without the need for an inert carrier gas. BTG-BTL’s has taken BTG's patented RCR (Rotating Cone Reactor) fast pyrolysis technology and engineered it into a commercial industrial installation. The improved RCR design results in a remarkably small reactor, reduced system complexity and minimum down stream equipment size compared to competing pyrolysis technologies.

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