Fuel Chippers and Chunkers

Fuel Chippers and Chunkers
Donald Takala, September 2005

Greenmech Chipper

Morbark Drum Chipper

A lot of work was done at Mich Tech on chunkers. The Mich-Wis Logging Congress was in Marquette last week. They had screw chippers there in the 70's. I did not make it this year had to work. That is where you can see the latest and greatest. I have a feeling you may know where these places are.

To see what chipper and chunkers look like.

US Patent 04155384 disk

US Patent 4053004 screw

US Patent 5005620 drum

US Patent 4431039 involutes

US Patent 4972889 double involutes

These can be seen at http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/srchnum.htm

And search for the patent number

Tests of Chippers


LAIMET (former SASMO) Conical Screw Chunker

Inside LAIMET screw chipper



Fuelsim - Average is a relatively simple, but useful, mass, volume and energy balance spreadsheet for continuous combustion applications, but can also be used for other thermal conversion processes where solid fuel is converted to a fuel gas mixture of O2, CO, NO, NO2, UHC (unburned hydrocarbons), SO2, N2O, H2, NH3, HCN, Tar, CO2, N2, Ar and H2O. The fuel can either be a solid fuel, a liquid fuel or a fuel gas, and the oxidant can either be ISO 2533 Standard air, with a user defined relative humidity, or a gas mixture of O2 (the only oxidant), N2, CO2, Ar and H2O.

Fuelsim - Average calculates emissions in various denominations based on the user input. However, also a separate emission conversion section is included, where emission values in various denominations can be inserted and converted between the various denominations. The corresponding emission levels in volume fractions can be inserted into the Fuelsim - Average main calculations and additional useful information are then calculated.

If you have gotten this far this is part of the Handbook of Biomass Combustion and Cofiring and Fuelsim can be downloaded from http://www.ieabcc.nl:80/fuelsim/FUELSIM-Average_v1.2.zip This is on the home site of IEA Bioenergy http://www.ieabcc.nl

They also have Databases of Biomass, ash, and condensate. There is a lot of useful information here.