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Kung Touche Village, UTA Agricel Takeo Province, Cambodia

Photos from a visit by Robert Deutsch, April 2005

Ankur Gasifier

Gasifier Wood Side

Ankur Gasifier Gas side

Reg Preston, April - September 2005

Our gasifier is from Ankur in Baroda India. It is downdraft with gas cleaning by water cyclone then sawdust then a cloth filter. The price was

'000 USD
Cost in India
Freight to Colombia 2.000
VAT 2.800
Port costs 0.200
Internal freight 0.680
Infrastructure in the farm 1.320
Total 15.000

The engine is single cylinder diesel with spark plug to run 100% on gas. We are curently using wood chips but later will do tests with sugar cane (small scale; one pass through 3-roll mill;has 20% resdual sugar in dry basis) and shells from cocoa fruit and wooden stems from mulberry grown dual purpose for food and fuel.

Aim is to construct in Colombia the same model. We are currently looking for support to convert our 1986 Daihatsu jeep to be powered by elecric motor and batteries to be charged during the night-time.

Photos are on the uta web page

We start our Ankur 4 KW gasifier with a 12 v water pump the water from which (20 litres/min) goes through a venturi then a cyclone to clean and cool the gas. A pressure drop at the gasifier of about 8 cm when the tuyeres are closed. The power comes from a 12v car batterry which also serves to provide power to the self starter.

The engine is a 2 cylinder gas engine but we have had problems with cracked liners, which I am sure would not have arisen if we had chosen a dual fuel mode with a “Lister” or its equivalent produced cheaply in Vietnam and China.

We now have the same gasifier in Buenaventura port in Colombia ready to be delivered to our farm where the same principle will be applied: dual purpose feed:energy trees and shrubs. As in Cambodia the next step is the conversion of a vehicle to use the cheap electricity. Our Daihatsu 1986 jeep is probably not the most appropriate vehicle for the conversion.

If anyone on the list can give advice on the way to go, it will be most appreciated. I have looked at several sites on the web which give details of conversion kits but advice from someone who has done such a conversion would be helpful. We made a mistake in ordering the gas engine. We have a one-cylinder Lister in our farm which “ a la Ken” never gives trouble, but I wished to avoid dependence on diesel oil. Biodiesel would have been more sensible. I am convinced that biomass à producer (wood) gas à electricity à electric vehicle is the route for rural dwellers. Comments please?

T R Preston
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