GoBiGas, EQTEC Iberia, Cortus (WoodRoll), Xylowatt among others join REGATEC 2015

REGATEC 2015 in Barcelona on 7-8 May

REGATEC 2015, 7- 8 May in Barcelona

  • 60+ presentations by leading experts
  • registered participants from 5 continents and 22 countries
  • display of the new generation NGVs in the nice hotel garden and
  • display of products and services by leading biogas and gasification companies/organizations in the indoor exhibition.

There is a rapid progress in the development of biomass gasification both for CHP and bio-SNG production.

GoBiGas is the world´s first industrial scale (20 MW bio-SNG) facility for production of renewable methane through gasification and methanation of biomass. The experiences of operating the plant will be presented at REGATEC 2015.

EQTEC Iberia has constructed a 5MWe bubbling bed gasifier in Bulgaria using agricultural waste and forest residues as feedstock. EQTEC Iberia, one of the REGATEC 2015 gold sponsors, will present the latest results from the project.

Cortus is demonstrating their proprietary WoodRoll technology which produces an ultraclean syngas free of tars. In combination with the honeycomb methanation catalyst developed at Karlsruhe Institute, bio-SNG production will be demonstrated in pilot scale in Köping, Sweden.
Cortus participates as a REGATEC 2015 silver sponsor.

Xylowatt SA, has tested oxygen as gasifying agent in their proprietary Notar gasification process showing improved economics of the system. Xylowatt will present the results in the REGATEC poster session.

The state-of-the-art biomass gasification plant in Ulm, involving CHP production by gas engines and ORC, will be presented by Bioenergy 2020+.

In addition Prof. Jürgen Karl, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Dr. Bram van der Drift, ECN, Dr. Ersin Uresin, TÜBITAK, Dr. Kim Magrini, NREL, Prof. Anne-Cécile Roger, University of Strasbourg and Dr. Niels Bjarne Rasmussen, Danish Gas Technology Centre will highlight the latest advances in biomass gasification, syngas cleaning and methanation.

In total there will be 60+ presentations from leading experts covering biomass gasification, gas cleaning, metahantion, anaerobic digestion, upgrading and Power-to-gas.

For more please visit the conference website, http://www.regatec.org.