GENEFAG: Mobile Gasifier for Trucks

Mobile Gasifier for Truck
Philippe Raufast, November 20, 2007

As you can see here :
It has already being done here in France, after the first oil shock, by the Calberson trucking company .
The gasifier system was called GENEFAG (generateur fuel air gas). As you can see from the schematic it was of standard Imbert type, running on chopped wood.
Starting fan, igniter, air and gas valves were operated electrically from the dashboard, the driver had various gauges to monitor the system.
You can see that the "packaging" was very neat, using the free space between the truck and trailer to install the "box" containing the whole system.
The smaller Saviem SG2 payload area was a bit shortened .
The Renault truck on the first picture was burning 500 l of diesel to cross France from north to south (1000 km) .
With the gasifier fitted, it was using 200 l of diesel and 1000 kg of wood for the same distance, saving 300 l of fossil fuel.
The payload was 25 tons. I hope you will like it ...
Regards, Philippe.
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krueger95 replied on December 4, 2007

Thank you very much for posting this information.

Could anyone help in providing more information on this or similar projects ?

I would like to know if the gasifier being used would be available for purchase. We purchased one for this application from China however could not get it to produce usable gas from wood chips.

We are located in the Western United States where we experience winters of 3 -4 months of freezing conditions. On our diesel trucks, if we blend 25% ethanol, we save about $30.00/day. If we were to obtain same results as Calberson with gasifier, we could save around $120.00/day.

This would be GREAT results plus provide use for fuel(wood chips) that needs to be removed from our overgrown forests. We are trying to preform "Fuels Reduction" projects to help with forest health, but just have to burn in open material removed.

Thanks for your assistance!!

Stan Krueger

Practical Application: