MR Charcoal

Abstract: An exploration of a large scale Top Lite Up Draft (TLUD), fabricated from a recycled hot water tank heater.

Here, Mr Charcoal is running on loose switchgrass.

This is at the end of the switchgrass burn. I wanted to show the charcoal but it did not show up in the picture.

I ran out of time and could not collect the charcoal so I put a cap on Mr Charcoal and let it cool off over night. Thenext day I found out the this did not seal out the O2 and most of the charcoal was consumed.

This is round two for switchgrass. I only had enough for 1/3 to 1/2 of a load. Smoke free.

The is the charcoal from round 2 of the switchgrass (I only had enough for 1/3 to 1/2 of a load.) This time after the fire died out I applied some H2O to the charcoal.

This picture shows a smoke free run on wood shavings from Tractor Supply Company (bedding). This stuff puts out some HEAT! You can kind of see the small jets of fire shooting from the shavings. Easyer to see in person, sorry.

Once again a smoke free shot of the wood shavings. Later all the paint, at the top half, burned off of Mr. Charcoal.

Just one more smoke free picture of Mr. Charcoal running on wood shavings.


Practical Application: