Small Scale Cashew Shell Gasifier

Early version of the gasifier with a flare
Jed Guinto and the Cashew Gasifier, the steaming system behind it
Cashew Gasifier Flame
Stack dryer heated by the gasifier

These photos come From Aaron Fishman, who built a small scale gasifier for a cashew enterprise in Indonesia. Their capacity is around 1,000kg/day of which 750kg is waste shells that can be used for fuel and biochar. The biochar will be used to help improve the soils. The company is using the gasifier to reduce their consumption of LPG and to find uses for the cashew shells that are a residue stream from the factory.

This is an early stage of the gasifier that they have been refining since 2012. They use steam generated by the gasifier to soften the cashew shells and make them easier to process. Additional heat is used for drying the cashews after shelling, and they would eventually like to add a small generator.

For more information about the project, and buy cashew see their web site:
East Bali Cashew Company