The Boudouard Equation

The Boudouard Equation: Chart and Spreadsheet (Excel)
Tom Reed, Biomass Energy Foundation, Golden, CO, November 22, 2006

Boudouard Equilibrium
Boudouard Equilibrium

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I recently had occasion to recalculate the Boudouard equilibrium

C + CO2 ==> 2 CO

at 10 and 100 atmospheres. I did a lot of thermodynamic calculations in the 1980s at NREL, but was afraid I might be too rusty. Not so.

Carbon monoxide is under appreciated and too often maligned. It is a way of making carbon into as clean a gas as H2, any you only lose 18% of the C energy.

This spreadsheet has a discussion, then the calculations, then a simple diagram in degrees kelvin, and finally all three pressures in degrees C.

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Download the Spreadsheet: