Thomas Spaven High Efficiency Modular Biomass Gasification Systems

Thompson Spaven High Efficiency Modular Biomass Gasification Systems
February 2010

Thompson Spaven are gasification system partners for decentralised energy and biomass energy. Our technologies for electricity and heat generation are among the most advanced and our systems are applicable to businesses with decentralised energy requirements from distributed electricity companies to municipalities, agribusinesses and industrial enterprises.

Our highly efficient downdraft gasifiers convert low cost biomass residues into a clean fuel gas stream - "producer gas" - that is both renewable and carbon neutral. We support power generation - thermal and eletrical - from a wide range of biomass input streams.

We provide a series of partially or fully automatic modular gasifier systems for off-grid and grid connected power generation systems. The standard modules are 50kWe and 100kWe, but we produce gasifiers in the range 10kWe up to 400kWe. There are also modules for gas conditioning using sealed tank water scrubbing, water clean-up and combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

We have a fully modular range of spark ignition gensets fully adapted to producer gas, with electronic air/gas mix control. Unit sizes are available from 10kWe up to 500kWe.

We also supply a series of non-proprietory add on modules to deal with feedstock preparation and drying, and for waste heat conversion to electricity.


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