At Icy Straits Lumber, will a small Gasifier reduce costs in Alaska?

Wes Tyler at Icy Straits Lumber, Tom Miles, and Jim Mason with All Power Labs, Alaska, 2012

In Alaska, there are a lot of remote villages that generate electricity by using small oil generators. But, transport costs and fuel costs have made the electricity very expensive, and the costs of heating their homes and generating electricity has been a burden on the businesses and families in the rural areas.



Paddy Seed Dryer Gasifier and Furnace

by: Alexis Belonio and Billy Belonio
Mapangpang, Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

Drying seeds is a major concern fro growers in Nueva Ecija, especially when harvesting coincides with rainy periods (that make sun drying seeds difficult). Rice Husks can make an inexpensive fuel, and a Rice Husk Gasifier is an improvement over the traditional Furnace Design


Avani Pine Needle Gasifier

Avani is an NGO in the Central Himalayan Region of Uttarakhand, India. They are launching a program to provide electricity, cooking fuel, and jobs to remote mountainous villages through their pine needle gasification program. In the next five years, they will put up 20 village-level pine needle gasifier system to provide 2.4 MW of electricity, cooking fuel to 250,000 people, and 2,000 local jobs.

New Biomass Gasifier for Rural Electrification, Philippines

Eco Market Solutions, Philippines

Governer Bella Angara-Catillo, Mayor Tubigan and the Dinalugan Municipal Council are proud to cut the ribbon on the first gasifier for rural power electrification in the Philippines this month.

The 250kw Gasifier is welcomed by the community of Dinalungan, Aurora as an alternative to expensive diesel power in the area. Diesel power in the local communities are struggling to provide power for more than 6 hours per day.


INSER Circle Draft Biomass Gasifier

Gian Claudio Faussone, October, 2011

The Italian group INSER has come up with a gasification process that they have patented as Circle Draft.

As described by them, the reactor vessel is composed of two chambers.

In the top chamber, the feedstock is pyrolysed and converted to charcoal (which is the yellow in the figure).
Then the charcoal descends into the lower vessel (grey in the figure) where it is gasified (generally with additional air) and a variable amount of steam or water.

Continuous Feed Biomass Gasifier for Thermal Applications

Robert Sinan Kana, Muslim Gunawan

Energy from Waste project
Pt. Biomass Energy, Purworejo, Java Tengah, Indonesia

Continues Feed Biomass Gasifier for Thermal Applications

A biomass waste wood gasifier plant, to provide thermal energy to dry 6 m3 of wood in 12
days. This system is developed by Biomass Energy Purworejo, Java Tengah, Indonesia for
small industry thermal applications to save fossil fuel, create energy from waste and reduce carbon footprint of the business and industries.

Pilot Project: Brookes and Harsh Manure Gasifier

pilot manure gasifier

July, 2011

Bob Brown with Harsh International and David Brooks with ZEBREX have been working on a pilot project to develop a continous feed manure gasifier. They have been working with JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding in designing and fabricating a pilot facility that uses augers and a drying oven in the feed system for the manure gasifier.


Facts about Producer Gas Engines

G. Sridhar and Ravindra Babu Yarasu June, 2011

We are pleased to learn of this paper, in which Sridhar and Yarasu connect and engine that is designed to run on producer gas to a downdraft gasifier, and learn a lot of new things; one of which is that the engine runs efficiently at a higher compression ratio without any problems with knock. They do a great job of presenting the results from their trials, and then comparing standard modeling tools and finding where the gaps are. Well worth the read.

Meva Innovation AB VIPP Gasifier

Meva Innovation

Mikael Sjöblom, Meva Innovation AB, Sweden

Meva Innovation AB has been working on a new VIPP (Vortex Intensive Power Process) cyclone gasifier and gas cleaner. They have had a 500kw CHP Pilot plant operating since 2009, and are building a small CHP plant for a district heating (utility) which will be commissioned in September.



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